Increasing your net worth

What are the two sure ways to increase your net worth?
There are two pretty simple guidelines...
a. Increase Inputs
b. Decrease Outputs
If you have been reading my blog, you know that I am learning to decrease my outputs. I am buying less, spending less on the things I do buy, and being a better steward of my money. (Also, it helps a heck of a lot that I have graduated from UCF and am now working full-time!) In summation, I think I am getting the hang of decreasing my outputs.
However, in our present economy (recession, instability, etc.) few people are increasing their inputs. I know of more people who are being laid off and more businesses suffering through poor revenue flow than I do people who are thriving in the current job market. Annual raises are out of the question for many people, like my friend who is in the mortgage business. All of those factors make me feel blessed to be employed! And today I am happy to report that not only am I gainfully employed, I also received a promotion and a significant raise! I am ecstatic! I work with and for wonderful people who value their employees and the work that we do. We get to help seniors live independently in their homes and we're blessed to call some of the most loving and thoughtful people our employees. My job is now officially the recruitment and retention of our dedicated Caregivers. My career goal has been to move into HR, and now I have been given the opportunity to take a step in the right direction.
Has God blessed me, or what?

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  1. You are truly blessed. I am amazed that without working, I have managed to cut out so many unnecessary things - but believe me, I need to go back to work to get a break!! And they say the economy is only going to get worse. . .


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