Next Week's Menu

I have a confession to make-I am not posting a real menu this week. The several reasons include:
  1. My dad is not staying with us. For those who don't know, my parents are making the move to Melbourne from Georgia. My Dad has been living with us for the last three weeks but he is in Georgia this week to help my mom pack up before the movers come. They will be here staying with us at the end of next week, but I am not sure which days. So, what that all means is that it's hard to accurately plan.
  2. I am spending Saturday (shopping day) in St. Augustine with my in-laws and nieces. This will throw off my schedule slightly, and I prefer a Sunday afternoon nap to grocery shopping. But what a great blessing to have fun in the sun with family!
  3. James is on his break between the Spring and Summer semester, so in the evenings we plan to live the way we used to when we first moved to Florida. This will include: evenings at the beach surfing and body boarding, bike rides, kayaking, and trips to the park. We really used to do something like that every night after he was done working (and that's when I was in school during the day). Goodness are we looking forward to that!

In reality, we're going to hit Publix up Sunday night after church and grab some sandwich meat and fruit and I am making some sourdough bread. It's sandwich week! We'll probably just make sandwiches and take them brown-bag style with us on our adventures!

I am so excited!

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  1. I hope you have a fun and relaxing week - you deserve it. Enjoy the beach!!



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