Real Simple

Something I look forward to every month is the delivery of "Real Simple" Magazine. This publication is full of home tips, articles, self-help, recipes, organization tips, etc. One of the articles I enjoy reading monthly is from the life coach Gail Blanke. She offers, in my opinion, sound advice about--well, life.

I'd like to share this article, entitled Half Full? Half Empty? You Decide. In the future, I hope to write my own articles about simplifying our thoughts and our minds, in an effort to live in a simple fashion holistically. My biggest fan (well, thus far, my only fan and sister-in-law) Angie suggested that it is important to change our "inner dialogue" in order for change to take place in our lives. I think she's right, and that will be a focus as this blog evolves. Until then, enjoy Gail Blanke's thoughts!

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