To the woman with the flashlight: Thank you.

Tonight I intended to post about the worth of a good resume, but I am distracted by something that happened this evening that I simply must share.

James and I took a bike ride to my parent's new house this evening and it was already dark as we were cycling home. About a block and a half away from our street, a bolt came off of James' bike and his pedal fell off! Although it was dark, James just had to find his bolt. I, on the other hand shrugged and figured we'd just get another one. Being the supportive and awesome wife that I am (and since James suggested it), I hopped on my bike and rode home to fetch some flashlights. In a few moments I returned and helped James resume his search, although I was highly skeptical that the bolt was even nearby.

Several minutes into the search, I saw a woman come out of the parking lot of a nearby apartment complex on foot and cross the street toward me. She had her purse on her shoulder and a flashlight in her hand, and approached with an offer to help. Apparently, this sweet woman passed us, turned around, parked her car and came over to assist us in our search--across a busy road, when it was dark outside, and she was by herself! I briefly explained to her that what we were looking for was nothing valuable or sentimental and let her know that I was only out there to be a supportive wife--not because I thought we'd actually find anything. I thanked her for her kindness and willingness to help and she walked back to her car.

Naturally as soon as she left James (who had been much farther down the road than I was) came into my view holding up his arms in victory--with a bolt in his hand! Of course...
Anyway, if by some strange coincidence you are the woman who helped and you happen to be reading my blog... (again, HIGHLY unlikely-but since James was able to find the bolt I know that this, too, is possible) thank you for stopping. That act of kindness will not soon be forgotten.


  1. What a great story - and heartwarming to know there are still people in the world willing and ready to help out.


  2. such a sweet story! waht a nice woman.


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