Back to Blogging!

I am back from my longer than expected blogging hiatus. The longer I kept from writing, the harder it was to return. I found myself uninspired. So, for the sake of my readers and for the sake of keeping myself motivated in my frugal lifestyle, I am back in action!

Right now, we're in the process of selling my beloved Honda Element. I bought it brand new a few years ago and have the premium payments to prove it! We hope to save a few hundred dollars a month by getting rid of this vehicle and acquiring a used small truck. I'll share our progress as it occurs, but in the meantime I am really dreading saying goodbye to my Element. Below is my beautiful (yet ugly... a true paradox, shaped as a box... I like the rhyme!) car in the Shenendoah Mountains in Virginia.

This is the weekend that we're hosting a garage sale so I am in the process of pricing items and getting things organized. It'll be nice to get the pile of "junk" out of the house!

Wednesday of last week James and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. We honored the occasion by spending some quality time together kayaking on Saturday. I honestly couldn't have asked for a better gift. We saw a (dead) loggerhead turtle, nesting pelicans and had several exciting dolphin sightings. One brave dolphin was only a few feet away from the kayak, and since little Brian went with us this time he was in awe all of the beautiful dolphins. (We know this because he made a point to stand up using my shoulders to get a better look at the arching fins of the dolphins--he was fascinated!)

In other great news, I now have a pantry and freezer that is so well-stocked that the only grocery shopping I did this week was at the produce stand! It feels good to know that because of shopping smartly I was able to spend only $18 this week on groceries. Yes!

Now you're up-to-date and I am back in action!


  1. Wow - you have been busy, busy busy. I love having a stocked pantry - and not spending so much on groceries.


  2. Hey! Thanks for coming to visit my blog. How did you find me?

    I love your blog... so many neat and cool things for such a frugal prices or nothing at all! Warms my frugal heart... or should I say wallet! :-)

  3. happy anniversary! I hope the yard sale goes well!


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