Hang it up!

While I have grown to love my home, an area of concern for me has always been my entryway (or lack thereof).  When my guests come over, there is very little area for reception and welcoming, so they quickly make a dash for the living room and typically purses, coats, and keys follow them to that area.  I knew something needed to be done in order to accomodate my guests' personal effects.  Here is my simple solution:

And here's what it looks like with things on it (if you were unable to visualize it):

Yep.  It's just some hooks I bought for a few bucks and frames with the glass and backing removed and discarded.  The project total was $18.  The frames prevent the keys from scratching the walls, so they do serve a purpose while looking glamorous.  I used an anchor that could support 50 lbs. for the each of the hooks in order to accomodate the heavy bags that most of the women I know seem to carry.

Now to tackle the problem of shoes at the doorway...


  1. Can't wait to see what you come up for the shoes!!!

  2. Maybe hooks on the floor?...Dad


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