Thrift store re-vamp!

I LOVE thrift shops.  It's an adventure every time I visit one!  A few months ago, I found a fabulous 50's style shirt dress, which is a great style for me (both figure flattering and nursing friendly).  I snagged it up for only $3.99!  I have worn it a few times, but felt that it was lacking something, so off I went to my fabric bin for inspiration...

Here is the dress in its natural state:

I realize that the picture doesn't really give the details, but it's pretty plain and simple.  Gathered waist and a button-up top with cap-sleeves and a simple collar.

Here is the dress with my additions:

The belt is a white polka dot on a black background.  Just scraps I had left over from a dress I made for my sweet Junebug.

Closer up:

I love this fabric pin that I found on Wise Craft.  What a quick and satisfying craft!

Here's a close up of the pin:

I hope you give thrift stores a fair chance, too.  One woman's trash is another woman's fabulous Sunday dress!


  1. I wish you lived near by so you can teach me to be crafty. I don't know how to sew or anything but I really wish I could. It would be fun to go to thrift stores and fix up my own clothes. It would help with thi whole year of nothing new thing.

    Good Job!

  2. LOVE ur craftiness lady! and YES Thrift stores are "WHAT'S UP"! :-)



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