Check out Sew Homegrown!

Today I have exciting news--Jessica of Sew Homegrown is now having guest posts on her site on Thursdays and this week I had the pleasure of being her guest!  I shared some tips on using coupons effectively that you may be interested in.

Please check out Jessica's fun blog about embracing the art of homemaking.  She has great crafts, recipes, and homekeeping tips that you're sure to want to try.  Oh, and try her cherry galette recipe--I did--and it was delicious!

"See" you tomorrow!

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  1. Just read the guest blog you did on "Sew Homegrown", and I loved it! I was just telling Amber last night about how I needed to start couponing more, but I didn't really know where to start. Your blog post and advice will really help me get going and save that money! :)


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