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I absolutely love to have friends and family over for dinner.  There's something so special about sharing a home-cooked meal around your dining room table with people you love.  In the past I have stressed myself out trying to create the "perfect menu" and then become demotivated to even play the role of hostess. 

Well, perfection is overrated.  And I've been letting go of my former perfectionistic ways.  I even start sentences with the word "and" because things don't have to be perfect.  Boo-yah!

Last night, we hosted "dinner" for our friends after an intense game of disc golf at Wickham Park.  (And when I say "intense" I am referring to the Florida heat--the skill of most of the players was, shall we say, less than intense...myself included!  Sorry guys, but I know you'd admit to it, too.) 

After the park, we all grabbed sandwiches from Firehouse subs and enjoyed them in the comfort of our home.  I made tea and pink lemonade, and purchased plates, chips and ice cream sandwiches from Aldi (all for less than $6!). 

Here we are enjoying our dinner:

James even gave a fly making demo (lures used for fly fishing).  Now folks, that is good old-fashioned fun--the kind our grandparents used to have.  And you can't have fun like that in a restaurant.

Breaking bread with others in your home is much more intimate than most restaurant settings, and you don't have to go all out and make a 5 course meal for a memorable get-together.  When you have good company, you have the ingredients for an enjoyable time.

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