This Week's Menu

All of my faithful readers are meal-planners by now, right?  I hope so! 

Here goes the dinner menu for this week:

Sunday: Quiznos (Just like last week- Click here for a coupon for a sandwich, drink and chips for only $2.99. Enjoy this deal and take advantage while it lasts!)

Monday: Breaded pork cutlets and fruity spinach salad (My favorite fruity spinach salad is a bag of baby spinach, crumbled bacon, a can of drained mandarin oranges, dried cranberries and some toasted slivered almonds.  I like it with ginger dressing while James prefers honey-mustard.  Both dressings compliment it well.  How's that for a simple recipe?)

Tuesday: (Picnic at the park) Tuna salad sandwiches and some delicious plums and nectarines (It's the time of year to enjoy these fruits!  Yum!)

Wednesday: Asian chicken salad (using rotisserie chicken) and cherries

Thursday: Chicken and bean burritos (using remainder of rotisserie chicken in lieu of the beef in the recipe) with Avocado and Grapefruit Salad

Friday: French bread pizza and salad (using a loaf of Cole's garlic bread that I got for $ .90 with coupons!)

Saturday: (Repeat of last week's Saturday menu because I didn't end up making this meal) Homemade corn dogs (you have to try this recipe!!), macaroni and cheese, baked beans (take it easy and pop open a can!)

**And remember to check back on Saturday for the new Sweet Treat of the Week!**

While it's important to be flexible with your dinner plans, it's also nice have a plan of attack so you can shop smart, save money and nourish your family!


  1. I, too, plan out the meals for the week. Makes the dinner hour so much more manageable! And I'm most curious about the Avocado & Grapefruit Salad. Sounds wonderful.

  2. Spartan, I live up the road from you in Titusville. I'm not a blogger, but love reading others. Stumbled on to your blog and really enjoy it, especially your meal planning. I know this was from last weeks menu, but wanted to say how much we loved the Breaded pork cutlets! Thanks for doing the homework, I love your menus! Andrea


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