Easy and Inexpensive Entertaining: Fall Chili-Tasting

I have already mentioned how exciting Fall is for me--and though Florida does not provide the right nip in the air, we go about our business celebrating Fall as if the season is in full swing.  Last Friday, the Spartan family hosted a chili dinner with our friends.  We intended to have it outdoors in the crisp night air--but it was a bit warm and the mosquitoes were buzzing...so we compromised by staying in our enclosed patio!

Each family participating was asked to bring a crockpot full of their favorite chili.  I also threw out a few suggestions for toppings and our friends each brought along some add-ons.  In the end, we had a wide variety of chilis and some delicious toppings.  It amazes me that the word "chili" means different things to different people based on region and background.  We had a spicy and meaty chili, one with the addition of corn and jalapenos, a chicken chili and a very plain chili.  (Admittedly the plain one was mine--I always make super-plain chili and this way little Junebug could participate in the eating, too!) 

For the topping bar, we had:
  • Tortilla Chips
  • Oyster Crackers
  • Sour Cream
  • Chopped Onion
  • Cheese
  • Cilantro
  • Tabasco sauce and "Slap Ya Mama" Spice blend
I lined the serving tables with brown packing paper for the perfect Fall flair--you can purchase a large roll for $1 at Dollar Tree (I only used about a half a roll).  We used styrofoam cups (again, from Dollar Tree) to eat out of so that each person could try the different types of chili in an untainted vessel.  For the party "supplies" (spoons, cups, packing paper, napkins, dessert plates, etc.) I spent less than $10. 

Chili is a frugal meal--so asking friends to bring chili keeps things inexpensive for everyone and all of our friends really enjoyed the fellowship that came from sharing this meal.

And of course, I have already shared dessert with you--but here's a reminder!

 What kind of chili do you make--lots of beans, no beans, lots of meat, meatless...?? 

And a special thanks to Ray and Laura for bringing the Tums--we passed 'em around at the end!
Spartans, prepare for indigestion!  (That was for you, Ray!)

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