I made the Patterned Paper Wreath, too!

So after Sharon shared her wonderful wreath tutorial last week, I just had to get supplies to make one of my own.  I thought I'd do something with fall colors so I picked out these pieces of paper:

I used the technique and my end result was this bad boy:

Still needs a bow or something... We'll see if it happens!

My project total was the same as Sharon's--just under $5.  But now I see that Hobby Lobby has their wreath forms on sale for 50% off this week, and scrapbook paper is discounted 50%, too.  So, you could make this project for about $3ish if you buy your supplies at Hobby Lobby between now and Saturday!

When Christmas time rolls around (YAY!) I'll just pull the paper off of the form I bought and use new paper on the same form.  It costs about $1 for 5 sheets of paper if you buy them on sale, so you can change out your wreath with the seasons for only a buck!  Now that's what I'm talkin' about!


  1. It looks awesome, love it! Great choice of paper!

  2. It's so fabulous!! :) Love how versatile it is - GREAT idea to just tear off the paper and add different patterns/colors!

  3. This is awesome, girl! I feel like it's time for a trip to Hobby Lobby to follow suit. :)


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