Speaking of falling leaves--how about drop-leaf tables?

Do you have any pieces of furniture that have multiple uses?  When I think of a multi-purpose piece of furniture I think of our little drop leaf table

When we lived in our small 22nd floor apartment in Washington, DC this was our only dining area.  This table should have fit 4 people at its capacity, but on many occasions we'd squeeze 6 or 7 people around its teeny circumference.  Good times we had eating and chatting around this table.  I can't even tell you how many pots of tea were served here!
Here's the table back in its glory days.  I spray-painted those chairs on our snowy and cold balcony--this was after only the first coat--I just couldn't wait to take a picture.  And a neighbor from the 23rd floor came down to ask me to remove whatever was making the whipping noises... it was the plastic drop cloths that I had taped around the entire balcony--it gets windy up high!  I remember those days so well!

When we moved into our home in Melbourne, we upgraded and purchased a large dining table.  But we never could bear to get rid of this workhorse of a table.  It now sits out in our enclosed patio as a spare dining area--but it also frequently stands in as a serving area when we have company.  It's also a craft table for me or project table when Mr. Spartan is working on his tech-y stuff.  How untechnical did that make me sound?

Yeah, I'm messy when I craft.  Wanna make something of it?

I imagine it will be around for years to come.  It's Spartan, after all, to make use of what you have!

If you need a great starter table or need a nice spare, check out CSN's supply of dropleaf tables.  You'll be surprised at the variety and the low prices they offer.  Most of the tables offer free shipping as well--a definite bonus.

What about you--do you have any furniture you can't bear to part with?

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