Frugal Friday

There are TONS of blogs I like to read, but my new favorite is called The Simple Dollar. On this site, I read an article that was very interesting to me offering thoughts on the questions of social responsibility and frugality.

One of the best points that Trent (the author) makes:

"Frugality isn’t about what’s cheap. It’s about finding the best value for your dollar. The catch is that the word “value” has different meanings for different people in different situations."

Although my frugality causes me to be a "best value" shopper, you will still not see me step foot in a WAL-Mart. Even if their price is the cheapest. Period. You don't have to shop at WAL-Mart to save money.

Enjoy this article, and read Trent's other postings. WARNING: You may get addicted like me!

Here it is: Saving Money Versus Saving the World.

Also, check out his guide to making laundry detergent from scratch. I am tempted to try it...

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