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Publix is absolutely the greatest grocery store chain I have ever encountered. I was reminded today about why I love it so much--the people! Not only are the parking lots spic-and-span, the grocery store itself immaculate, even after the dinner rush--the people are SO nice! I have gone to many Publix stores in the state of FL, and this holds true for all of them. At "my" store, I have several cashiers that I see regularly. They smile and chat, and provide excellent service. Even the stockers and the bag boys take their time to smile and offer assistance.

This company is stellar in many ways, but one of the things I respect the most is the number of disabled people and seniors that they employ. Many of the people who are baggers have disabilities of different kinds, whether it be mental retardation or a physical impairment (like an arm that doesn't work) but they are obviously trained to do an excellent job and to provide the utmost in customer service. The good work of these employees must be rewarded because they stick around-I have lived in Melbourne for 2.5 years, and most of the store's employees have been working there the whole time! One cashier, Patty, told me one night that she was going to a Publix event to celebrate 27 years, I believe, with the company! She talked about how nice these events were and how the employees were honored for their service. I love knowing that when I buy groceries, I am also buying into a responsible and personable corporation.

But onto the real purpose--this week's menu!

Sunday: Lasagna, Salad and Homemade Sourdough Bread
Monday: Leftover Lasagna, Salad and Bread (I have a late night at work, so I planned for leftovers!)
Tuesday: Salmon Patties, Couscous, Cucumbers with dill
Wednesday: Mojo Pork Tacos
Thursday: Chicken Sates with Peanut Sauce, Coconut Rice, Fresh Pineapple and Mango
Friday: Date Night (We're going out!)

As far as the lasagna goes, I just follow a recipe from the back of the lasagna noodles-most people have a lasagna recipe they like, which is why I didn't include any specific recipe.
The Salmon Patties and Mojo Pork Tacos are my originals! I am getting better about writing down my recipes for others, so hopefully I'll improve in the area of linking recipes for the weekly menu.
The chicken sates with peanut sauce are a favorite in our house. James and his friend call it "PB & R", standing for peanut butter and rice, because they like to top their rice with the peanut sauce. I'll admit it-this is one of the BEST recipes I have ever come across, so try it!
My tips for this dish: In the peanut sauce, I substitute coconut milk for the water and I often thin it down a bit further with some chicken broth. Also, in the sate marinade I use coconut milk rather than water and shredded coconut-I just think it's better. It sounds like a lot of coconut flavor, but trust me it's very subtle. I add the remainder of the can of coconut milk to the water I cook the rice in, making it delicious, but still pretty subtle. The fresh fruit is the perfect accompaniment.

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