Free Literature- Delivered through your e-mail or RSS Feed

Ahh, the best things in life are free. On the super-cool website Life Hacker, I found a link to a wonderful service that will deliver chunks of classic literature to you for free! The site is called Daily Lit, and you can receive literature daily (as the name suggests) through your e-mail or RSS Feed. There are some books that you must pay for, but all of the classics that are public domain are absolutely free.

  1. No late fees. (Good news for me!)
  2. Did I mention it's free?!
  3. Keeps you on track.
  4. Delivered right to your computer-how convenient!


  1. You have to wait for more reading material--even if you'd like to read on! (But seriously, did I mention it's free and there are no late fees?!)

Isn't the internet just the greatest?

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  1. Amazing what they are delivering over the web now, isn't it???



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