Sunday Savings: Blast from the Past

I am sharing a post that I wrote on 1/22 of this year, when I had just discovered the art of clipping coupons. It's the perfect reminder as to why we spend time cutting out these little money savers!
"This week, I once again spent about an hour clipping coupons and researching
the Publix sales ad. I went grocery shopping and bought sixteen items that I
needed. Now, some of these items were staple items that there are not coupons for, generally speaking. Milk and eggs, for instance, you rarely get a break on.

Anyhow, This week I spent $16.44 on $38.67 worth of groceries! That's a savings of $22.23 (thankfully, this is broken down on my receipt!) and I ended up saving more money than I actually spent. I actually got 2 huge boxes of delicious and healthy Total Raisin Bran for only $1.34 per box--the regular price of these is $4.79. It's kind of exciting to save so much money."

Now tell me that isn't crazy exciting! To spend more than you save on groceries (something you have to buy anyway) is wonderful--and once you realize the money you can save it's something you'll be excited to keep up with.

So, have you bought your newspaper today? Get those scissors out and get clippin'!

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  1. Yes, yes, yes I finally brought a Sunday newspaper - now I just need to cut coupons, but I'm not going grocery shopping until tomorrow, so I have time???


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