Sewing on Saturday

Today I made a dress for Elliott out of napkins. For real--napkins--and some old ribbon I had in my gift wrap drawer.  Today she wore those napkins proudly like the classy little lady she is!  Here's the finished product:

I traced a dress Elliott currently wears and adjusted the measurements a bit to create the shape and winged it from there.  (I am happy to report that the whole process, start to finish, took about 45 minutes.  A great nap time project!)  I may eventually make a tutorial for those of you who have extra napkins lying about. Yay!

A few weeks ago, Jessica from Sew Homegrown shared how she uses spools to organize her daughter's pony tail holders.  Brilliant, right?  I made a barrette organizer for Elliott's hair clips a while back, and am now re-thinking the design--in an effort to include mounted spools for pony tail holder organization.  Here's what I made:

It's simply an old frame (that I spray painted) with the glass removed and the insert is wrapped in fabric and quilt batting.  I added some thick ribbons running vertically before securing the frame's insert, and I won't lie--the vertical ribbons are affixed with duct tape (a girl's best friend).  This was a very simple, cheap and quick project and it really has kept us organized. 

By using a flatter and wider frame, you could attach spools along the bottom of the frame (or anywhere, really) and utilize both organizing techniques in one.  Maybe I'll get motivated to do that soon!

Any other clip/barrette/pony tail holder organization tips/ideas/suggestions?


  1. Love your little projects, girl. We have an idea for barrettes and clips - did not think much of it until someone saw it in the background of a photo - so here it is. You might like too - REALLY quick and easy. Well, how to upload a picture? - you may just have to email me and I can send it to you.

  2. I have trouble following a ready made pattern, and here you go making a dress from napkins!

  3. I am going to make Miss Viv one of these this weekend _ SO Pretty. I am going to add small hooks or spools though - her hair is just right for a Pebbles fountain :)

    Thanks for another beautiful Idea

  4. yeah-this is super cute. I am definitely going to put this in Char's room when we get to TN. Thanks for posting a picture!

  5. c' est magnifique ce que tu fais j' adore trés belle réalisations a bientôt dane


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