Upcycled bluejean baby book!

Does anyone else have a stash of jeans you can't wear anymore?  I have had a stash for quite some time--I always wear my jeans out in exactly the same place--the buttocks.  Yep--it's true.  I get these little holes that start around the back pockets and then grow.  I am proud to say they they still would fit me, but I can't run around with holes around the back pockets.  Maybe some people think that's cool, but it is not a good look for me.  Ha.

So, what is a girl to do with these sad, unused, and abused jeans?  Upcycle them, of course!  I thought it may be neat to make a busy book for church, and found this fabulous example of exactly what I wanted to make.  Well, exactly what I wanted to make with some modifications, naturally.  I cut all of the "picture" pieces out of felt and other notions and hand stitched all of the pieces onto the denim.  Where I used a template, I included a link below for your reference.

Here is our new quiet church book:

The cover--"E" is for Elliott, of course.

The flower stem is green ric-rac and the pieces are all made from felt.  I also added interesting textures by using buttons for the owls' eyes and a button for the center of the flower.  I love those owls.  You can get the owl template here.

These two are my favorites.  I am planning a watermelon themed first birthday party for Elliott and so watermelons are on the brain!  The seeds are teeny black seed beads, and the rind is again, green ric-rac.  The westie outline is from SewAmazin with my own little embroidery to make it more like our westie, Brian.

This flower is made of ribbon on a shiny background with, again, buttons and green ric-rac.  I am so in love with this little hedgehog!  You can get the template at Megity's Handmade.  His little nose and eye are black seed beads.  Oh he's precious!

I showed this book to Elliott and in true baby fashion, she took a good look at each page and then threw it across the room.  Sheesh.


  1. Well, you gave me a good laugh tonight (and I needed one). I totally see her throwing the book. However, it is the most adorable project and you did an amazing job. You constantly amaze me.

    PS. I love the little hedgehog

  2. I was just telling my son tonight what an amazing, creative wife he has! (and I hadn't even seen the book yet) great job! Can I suggest somewhere on it you date it. One day, your great granddaughter will be enjoying it.

  3. This is such a cute and creative project! I'm so impressed and honored that my simple little Westie design is included. Thanks so much for the link back to SewAmazin.

  4. I'm late coming to the party but man! This is a step up from the baby burp cloths I usually do and way less time than a nice baby quilt and I can bust through my stash (tiny bits of hoarded fur, sparkly stuff, canvas) why did I not see this before? :). I'm so excited, you could even insert bells or crinkly paper in between the fabric though you'd no longer have a quiet book


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