A "Shabby Chic" Nursery on a budget

Yesterday the Nester had a guest post about decorating a nursery.  I've never shared Elliott's nursery before and was inspired to do so today. 

Please excuse the untouched photos.  It would have taken me forever to edit each one and sheesh-I have a 14-month old and a busy life!  There are cords in the photos and little imperfections-so please overlook them!  Do you live in a perfect home with no cords and perfect lighting?  I didn't think so.  Let's be real, huh?

Let's skip the formalities--kick off your shoes and come on in and take a look!

Remember the mirrors?  I love them. 
The Jenny Lind crib and changing table were a Craigslist find--$35 for both pieces! 
I got all 4 baskets on the changing table for less than $12  at Jo-Ann Fabric.  Boo-yah!  I chose the brown and white crib bumper and skirt because I like the gender neutrality of it.  If ever we have another child and it's a boy, I'll add an apple-green fitted sheet in place of the pink one, stand back, smile, and move onto my next task!

The rocker was a curbside find.  James snatched it up and I had new foam cut and made slipcovers--all for under $40.

Elliott's dresser is my dresser from my childhood furniture.  I have the matching canopy bed waiting in the garage for when she moves out of the crib and into a big-girl bed.  Thanks Mom and Dad for buying me heirloom-quality furniture!

This lamp was one that James' grandfather had in his massive garage.  It belonged to a family member, and now it adds charm and elegance to Elliott's room.  I LOVE this lamp.

This lamp sits on Elliott's dresser.  James' mom made the lampshade with brown and pink ribbon and I found the pink base at Big Lots for $7.  Score!

This plate is actually a piece of Wedgwood China that I picked up at my favorite thrift store for 50 cents.  Doesn't it look like it was made to be hung on a wall?

From what I hear, this canvas was in my Uncle's nursery when he was a baby over 50 years ago.  It's called A Young Hare by Albrecht Durer.  This was actually in a humanities book of mine in college because Albrecht Durer was one of the first artists whose art was reproduced for the masses back in the 16th century.  This canvas is obviously a copy, but it's neat to have something in my daughter's nursery that my granny picked out for her child's nursery--and the fact that it's still around is pretty cool to me.  James hates it and says it's creepy and possessed.  I love it and say it's charming and timeless. 

I picked up these teacups at a local thrift shop for $1 each.  I bought the cups as one pink cup and two purple ones--and a few minutes after I got home from the thrift shop those two purple teacups were magically transformed into one cream and one brown cup with my trigger-finger and some spray paint.  I learned from the Thrifty Decor Chick that you can spray paint anything.  Even ceramics.  So I did it, too.  And it worked.

And what was Elliott doing while I took pictures of her room?  Wrecking it, of course.  I snapped this photo as she was looking over her mess and saying "uh-oh".  Classic.


  1. simply marvelous!

  2. Just adorable!!
    love the unique-ness..

  3. Oh, I just LOVE what you did with the place! You've definitely got an eye for nursery style!

  4. Hi! I came over to visit form Thrifty Decor Chick and love your nursery! I always appreciate those sentimental and personal elements in a room and did the same in my own daughter's nursery! So fun to meet someone new here in Blogland and I'm a new follower!

  5. Visiting from TDC, I love your nursery!!! Very unique!

  6. I need to find a deal like that on baskets! I need about 20 for my house, but it seems like I can only find the really expensive ones. Thanks for the inspiration to keep looking. :)

  7. I love that you mix the old together! Great job!

  8. Nursery is so cute! Congrats on a job well done. I am in the process of putting mine together right now. Stop by my blog if you are interested. Your little one is adorable!

  9. got here from thrifty decor chick...how did you hang/put those tea cups on the wall? did you slice them in half? they look like they are flush with the wall?
    I love the nursery- so thrifty and so cute!


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