Mirrors, mirrors, on the wall...

Four or five years ago, I stumbled upon inspiration in a Pottery Barn catalogue.  Well, I constantly find inspiration in their catalogues--but that particular time, I actually followed through.  I clipped the page out of the book and set it aside for quite a while, and in the meantime, collected hand mirrors.  Yes, I collected hand mirrors, because you see, the Pottery Barn catalogue page showed dozens of hand mirrors mounted on to a wall and I fell in love with the idea.   I  bought some mirrors at thrift stores and antique shops here and there, never paying more than $3 or $4 for each mirror.  My mother-in-law and sister-in-law picked up several for me, too.  Fancy pretty ones.  Way nicer that the ones I bought.

After all that collecting, I didn't have the guts to put up hand mirrors anywhere on my walls.  It just seemed way too feminine to have in my bedroom or our living rooms.  So those beautiful mirrors sat aside and collected dust.  But that inspiration stayed in the back of my mind.

So when I found out I was having a baby girl, I knew exactly what to do with those mirrors.  Why, put them in my sweet Elliott's room, of course!  I shuffled the mirrors around on a large sheet of mailing paper until I found the arrangement I wanted, traced the mirrors and then taped the "template" to the wall.  My husband screwed holes where I had them marked according to the template.  I used small plate hangers to attach the mirrors to the wall. 

So with a few bucks and some inspiration, look what we accomplished:

Aren't they gorgeous?  And isn't she gorgeous?


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